Rewards Policy

1. Purpose
The List Dean's List will be published at the end of every semester to recognise excellence in academic achievement for those students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes at Cavendish University of Zambia (‘CUZ' or the ‘University'). The Dean's List aims to encourage the retention of these students to complete their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and for undergraduate students to continue into postgraduate study at the University.

2. Scope
This policy applies to all students (non-award, undergraduate and postgraduate) of Cavendish University Zambia who are eligible for the Dean's list.

3. Definitions
A student refers to a person who has an active enrollment status in a programme of the University.

The Dean's List is a formal published record of eligible students who achieve academic excellence in their current semester of study in a non-award, undergraduate and postgraduate programme.

4. General Principles
The Dean's List recognises and celebrates excellence in academic achievement in undergraduate and postgraduate study at the University. A Dean's List may be prepared by each faculty. It will normally include only students registered in qualifications offered by that faculty.

4.1 Qualifying Criteria

  1. To be eligible for consideration for the Dean's List, a student must have completed at least one semester towards his or her chosen programme. At the beginning of each semester the best student(s) for the previous semester will be considered for the Dean's List.
  2. Students may qualify for the Dean's List if, during the period of study described above, they achieved an average of B+ or higher over the courses taken for their programme of study and did not fail any of those courses.
  3. The Dean's List will be generated electronically through the CUZ Student Database and the list handed to the relevant Dean for consideration.
  4. If a student misses a semester, the student will not be eligible for the Dean's List for that Semester but could be eligible upon return as long as they satisfy the qualifying criteria.
  5. Students who do not meet their financial obligations (as results are only issued to fully paid students) may not be considered for the Dean's List or if previously selected but have not performed well in that semester may be struck off.

4.2 Identifying recipients

  1. At the end of each semester each faculty will be provided with a system-generated list of students who are eligible for consideration for the Dean's List in that faculty.
  2. The relevant School committee will review the list and provide the relevant Dean with nominations for the Dean's List.
    Note: The details of any decision to exclude an eligible student from the Dean's List will be archived in confidential files in the relevant Faculty Student Administration Office.
  3. Dean's list for each School will be presented to Senate by the Dean for approval.

4.3 Notification and publicity

  1. The Dean will notify those students who have been included in the Dean's List and advise them that the Dean's List is a matter of public record and that their names (but not their contact details) will be provided to enquirers upon request. A student who wishes their name to be withheld from the published Dean's List must advise the relevant Dean of this within one month of receiving notification of their selection.
  2. Inclusion in the Dean's List will be recorded on the student's academic transcript in the appropriate year(s) of study, e.g. "Dean's List 2018".
  3. The Dean's List may be published on the university website for one year.
  4. After removal from the website the students' names will be recorded in a publicly accessible archive. Faculties reserve the right to include the Dean's List in relevant publications and websites, for example, prospectuses or websites for the Schools offering the students' majors or specializations.

4.4 Revocation
If a student on a published Dean’s List is later found to be in breach of the Code of Conduct, the University reserves the right to remove them from that List.

5. Confidentiality
All documentation relating to the process will be kept confidential and shall be disclosed only to those persons who have a right to the information by virtue of their role in the complaints process, or as required by law.