1. Registration

    Registration is done at the beginning of every semester and the courses are listed in the Catalogue of Programs that can be accessed at the Academic Office. Heads of Departments/ Course Coordinators will approve the courses permitted for the semester. All students are required to register before the end of the 4th Week of the semester as late registration penalties apply in the 5th week before registration is completely closed. For your registration to be complete, you need to make a minimum payment of 10% of your fees.

  2. Access to class timetables

    Class timetables are published every semester, 2 weeks before the commencement date and can be accessed on the University website under timetables tab. Typically, all BIT and AESS classes take place at Great North Campus while SoM and SoL classes are conducted at Longacres Campus.

  3. Scholarships

    Scholarships are awarded to Zambian students (new) with 10 points or below who have passed the CUZ aptitude tests and meet all other criteria. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our Referral Policy by introducing new students to earn a 10% one off discount on their tuition fee for each student enrolled.

  4. Help with Computers, student email addresses and passwords

    Our IT team is available to assist with all IT related issues. They can be reached via email on it.cuz@cavendish.co.zm. All students are required to use the CUZ email addresses to communicate with the University.

  5. Transportation between the two campuses

    CUZ buses are available to transport students between the two campuses at the fixed schedule that can be obtained from the Facilities Department. Transport is not provided outside this schedule and is on a first come first serve basis.