On-Campus Classes Suspended and Moved to our Online Platform

The University Council, in conjunction with the management of Cavendish University Zambia and in compliance with the Government’s directive to close all on campus institutions of learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic, decided to temporarily suspend all face-to-face classes, effective Friday, March 20, 2020.

The university is fully committed to doing everything, within its power, to provide students with every opportunity to continue their studies and remain on track to graduate on time, while also keeping students’ health as its number 1 priority. To this end, CUZ’s management has made arrangements to temporarily transition all DAY Face to Face students, including non-clerkship School of Medicine students, to its online Cavendish University Learning Platform (CULP).

Online classes officially resumed the week of April 6th 2020. Lecturers and teaching support staff are doing everything they can to support you to continue with your studies with as little disruption as possible, while maintaining the academic experience you expect of Cavendish University Zambia and the standards that make a Cavendish University Zambia qualification so valuable for your future.

We understand how diverse and difficult the challenges that you our students may currently be facing due to online learning. We also recognize just how much hard work and commitment you put into your studies. If you are experiencing any challenges, please reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can render the necessary help.


  • Access to the Cavendish University Learning Platform is free for all Day contact students
  • Only those students who are officially registered have access to the Cavendish University Learning Platform
  • Students who are not up to date with their payment arrangements are subject to be denied access to the Cavendish University Learning Platform
  • All students must be able to access their CUZ email account. This is essential in order for students to stay up to date with important information and to utilize the online platform.
  • Further information will be provided with regards to CATs and final exams should the face to face suspension extend beyond the scheduled dates of those activities
  • Further information will be provided to SoM students regarding lab make up sessions
  • CULP allows for students to do the majority of your work offline, minimizing the use of data or wifi.
  • Data or wifi will only be required for downloading and submitting assignments
  • Students need a desktop, laptop or a smart device in order to access CULP, this is the responsibility of the students to provide. CUZ has a limited inventory of tablets available at a subsidized price of $100.
  • All University Online activities are still being guided by the University Academic Calendar of 2020 which remains unchanged. We do not currently know who long face-to-face classes will be suspended, this will be determined by the Minister of Health. We will keep you up to date with regards to any changes.

International Students:

All international students should contact the Dean of Students office to notify the office of their current situation and plans so that CUZ can assist them as necessary.

All Students - Stay Safe:

All students should exercise caution and stay safe. Please follow the governments directive – minimize or eliminate all non-essential travel, observe hygiene practices including washing hands with soap, keep social distance and avoid crowded places among other directives.

Key Contact Numbers:

Continuing Students Office:Wiza Mponela - +260973510047/wmponela@cavendish.co.zm
Noreen Mwewa (Faculty of BIT) - +260972379626/ mnoreen@cavendish.co.zm
Chishimba Simubali (Faculty of AESS and LAW) - +260950404529/ csimubali@cavendish.co.zm
Marrian Chipobe (SoM) - +260973510643/ mchipobe@cavendish.co.zm

Distance Learning Office:
Joseph C. Kapasa
Distance Learning Coordinator/IT Officer
+260 968 780 587 / Skype: jckaps6

Mike Bawart Chalwe
Distance Learning/School of Working Adult Learning Officer (SWAP)
+260 954 151 981



Simon: smwale@cavendish.co.zm
Persis: ptembo@cavendish.co.zm
Khumbo: kdokowe@cavendish.co.zm
Moreblessings: mdaka@cavendish.co.zm
Brian: bnamataa@cavendish.co.zm
Susan: smwamba@cavendish.co.zm

Academic Office:
Moses +260211387619/ msosandi@cavendish.co.zm
Bertha +260211387629/ bphiri@cavendish.co.zm

Dean of Students:
Dean Mutere +260962376447, deanofstudents@cavendish.co.zm

Great North Campus (Main Campus) Switchboard: +260777398223
Long Acres Campus (School of Medicine) Switchboard: +260777398224