Cavendish University ZambiaCavendish University March 2019 Distance Learning Test Time table
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PHY111:PHY111-Fundamentals of Philosophy  (2/4)
(3/25/2019 - 3/31/2019)
(L) cm144:Chileshe Mulenga (Mr) 11-19 [3/25/2019...3/31/2019] (2/4)
  • Wed [14:00-15:00]...[15:00-16:00]   (2)
  • (P) BBA_11:Bachelor of Business Adminstration Year_1 Semester_1
    (P) BABF_11:Bachelor of Arts in Banking and Finance Year_1 Semester_1
    (P) BAPS_11:Bachelor of Arts in Purchasing and Surply Year_1 Semester_1
    (P) BAC_11:Bachelor of Acountancy Year_1 Semester_1
    (P) BIT_11:Bachelor of Information Technology Year_1 Semester_1
    (P) Bsc.COM_11:Bachelor of Science in Computing Year 1 Semester 1
    (P) BMCPR_11:Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication & Public Relations Year_1 Semester_1
    (P) B.Sc PM_11:Bachelor of Science in Project Management Year 1 Semester 1
    (P) BDS_11:Bachelor of Development Studies in Year_1 Semester_1
    (P) BA. ECON_11:Bachelor of Arts in Economics Year_1 Semester_1


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